“The Story of Prince Siddhartha Gautama – THE BUDDHA (Part -I)” —————————

“A long time ago in India, there lived a king named Suddhodana and a queen named Mahamaya. They were both good and kind people. One full moon night, the Queen dreamt of four devas who carried her to a lake, to rest on a soft bed. A white elephant carrying a lotus flower, went round her three times and disappeared into her. Wise men explained that the dream meant that the Queen was going to give birth to a prince.

When the time came for the baby to be born, Queen Mahamaya left the palace with the attendants to go back to her parent’s home to give birth to the baby. On the way, they passed by a beautiful park. Queen Mahamaya took a rest in the garden. It was there that her baby was born.

The birth took place on the fifth month of Vesakha, on a full moon day. Queen Mahamaya then returned to the palace with her baby prince. King Suddhodana was very happy and celebrated the birth of the baby with his people all over the country.

Five days after the birth of the prince, many wise men were invited to the palace for the Naming Ceremony. Seven wise men agreed that if he stayed home, he would become a universal king, unifying India; but if he left, he would become a Buddha and remove the veil of ignorance from the world. The youngest, Kondanna, declared that the prince would definitely become a Buddha. The wise men declared ” The prince’s name will be Siddartha” which means “One Whose Aim is Fulfilled”

(To be continued….)”

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