My Carpe Diem!

Twenty-four hours on a clock’s face,
From sun up past sun down — a rapid race.
The day begins with tickling the sleepy head,
One show with pop-tarts and juice, “I want Red.”
Dressing and washing and teeth to be brushed.
Don’t forget to potty and that the toilet gets flushed.
With Nellie in the car and a toy in his bag,
We’re off to school, no time to lag.
Next comes the traffic, emails, and calls.
No time for lunch, just vending down the hall.
Quickly jot a list for errands after five,
And chores to do at home before into bed I dive.
With my Fireman on board and his little dog, too,
They tell me all about the animals from the zoo.
At home we arrive and unload our day.
Kick off our shoes, it’s time to go play.
First hockey, then golf and a fast chase around.
My Pirate’s still sailing, but I’ve run aground.
Help Momma with supper, what will it be?
Spaghetti and meatballs? Chicken and peas?
You can stir. Be careful; it’s hot.
I hope you’re hungry, we’ve made a lot.
Here’s your fork and here’s your spoon,
Eat it all up or you’ll be hungry soon.
Time for a bath with bubbles and toys,
He’s having fun; you can tell by the noise.
The water’s getting cold, the floor’s soaking wet,
Time to get out, get ready, get set.
Now into bed, my little fellow.
Go pick a toy for under your pillow.
One cup of milk and two books to read,
Prayers to God and kisses from me.
The day is at end; may you dream sweet,
Until the next blessed day God lays at our feet.

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