How to prvent Bullying? Helpful Ways.

Bullying has become a crucial issue especially amongst children and students of all ages as they are the great victims of this mistreatment. This is very agonizing for the sufferer as it makes him feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and isolated. It is important to get rid of this pain and the best way to do this is to avoid bullying. There are several ways to do this such as:

  • Ignore it as much as you can

This is the best solution because when you keep yourself mum then nothing will be so irksome and annoying for the person who is a pain in a neck. Eventually, he will feel bored and would stop teasing you because his wicked acts are not bringing any results.

  • Be daring

Ignoring doesn’t mean that you are asked for becoming a chicken, No, your body language has to be very relaxed, non-verbal communication speaks volumes and can convey a lot. When you keep yourself calm you tend to look daring, this can convey the message from your side that nothing is making you a difference.

  • Bring the best in you

Your traits can make you feel very confident, think of them, polish them and focus on them this will convey a message to them that you don’t have time for any rubbish and you are not there to entertain their silly acts.

  • Don’t hit back

You don’t have to answer the attacks of another side, never reply to the bully by becoming a bully because that’s what they want.

  • Distract yourself

Get yourself busy, distract your attention by spending time with your besties, plan your goals and motivate yourself to mind your business only.

  • Talk to them when they are alone

When a person who mistreats you is alone than talk to him, have a word with him nicely, this can trigger the inner hidden good man of him.

So these are the few tricks that you can try to avoid bullying, just keep one thing in your mind that intimidation is not the solution, don’t hide, you just need to avoid them.

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