Hair shampoo of mustard

Hair shampoo of mustard

Dissolve mustard with warm(not hot) water and add 5-7 drops of essential oils (it improves the effect and the hair is easier to comb).
The proportions of mustard and water: add water to a sufficiently liquid state, so that the mixture is conveniently applied.
Apply the mixture to wet hair(roots), massage gently and rinse.
If desired, after washing, you can rinse your hair with decoction of herbs (hop cones and chamomile for light hair; nettle for dark;)
Mustard does not have a strong smell, so the hair after its use does not smell.
Essential oils for hair: lemon, orange, tea tree, try what suits you best.
After washing, the tips of the hair can be moistened with liquid crystals.
Liquid crystals are an oily liquid.
It includes natural oils, plant extracts and other necessary components.
Liquid crystals prevent tips section, make the hair smooth and silky, help with excessive dryness and facilitate styling and combing.
There are often can be found silicone in liquid crystals. It envelops each hair with a protective film, but over time it may cause dull and brittle hair.

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