Check your own skin

Normal Skin

A skin without acne, pimples, pigmentation, blackheads, whiteheads or dead skin cells is indicative of a normal skin type. Usually normal skin is healthy in appearance and has plenty of elasticity and suppleness. The skin is smooth and blemish free. A pimple or two might make an appearance during hormonal changes in the body. But these will fade away soon without any treatment and not even leave scars.
However, even if you can relate to all of those points, you still have skin-care needs because as time goes on everyone accumulates sun damage and wrinkles, has occasional breakouts, develops brown spots, sees some dryness (especially around the eyes), and so on.

Dry skin

People with dry skin are prone to flaky and unhealthy looking skin. The skin looks dull and has no glow to it. Cheeks and areas around the eyes and lips are powdery white in appearance. wrinkles to appear sooner. Some people start getting wrinkles in their teenage years itself. Harsh winters further deteriorate the appearance of dry skin.
Dry skin is the result of sebaceous glands not producing enough oils to moisturize the skin. Hence the skin becomes dehydrated. The magic mantra for taking care of dry skin is moisturization and lots of it. Dry skin requires plenty of external moisturization in order to maintain the oil balance of the skin.

Oily skin

In appearance oily skin is dull and greasy. The skin is shiny and has visible enlarged pores. These pores are filled with dirt and grime. The extra oil secreted by the sebaceous glands fills up the pores and attracts the dust and bacteria in the atmosphere. Oxidization of these accumulated dirt and oil results in formation of blackheads which give rise to acne and pimples. Hence people with oily skin often suffer from extreme forms of acne.
Oiliness can change depending upon the time of year or the weather. Oily skin can be caused or made worse by: Puberty or other hormonal imbalances. Stress, Exposure to heat or too much humidity.

Combined Skin

If your skin is combination skin Like most women Tissue will have traces of oil that comes out of your nose and your forehead. But the cleanliness of the area touched your cheek. Skin has the appearance of dry skin and oily skin both.

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