S. Name: Medicago sativaFamily: FabaceaeGenus: MedicagoDESCRIPTIONIt’s a perennial herbaceous plant with small purple flowers that grow in clusters, usually reaching heights of 30 – 60 cm.DISTRIBUTION & HABITATOriginally from North Africa and Persia, it adapts well to both hot and cold climates.It is grown especially in countries with temperate climates.PROPERTIES· Improves digestive processes, improving the absorption of nutrients and avoiding symptoms such as indigestion and abdominal inflammation.· It has a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. It helps the body to reduce cholesterol and promote blood circulation.· Thanks to the phytoestrogens of Alfalfa it can be very helpful in relieving the symptoms of menopause.· Due to its content of Vitamin C and iron it is highly recommended to prevent or combat anemia.· It is usually used externally for a number of Ailments such as Arthritis or Arthrosis.· Stimulates the immune system, improving the reaction to viruses and bacteria.· It is used to combat fatigue and fatigue.· Helps to reduce fever.USESInternal use: To obtain its properties, it is usually consumed always fresh but we can also choose to prepare an infusion. Add a spoonful of Alfalfa leaves cut in about 200 ml.External use: Externally it is beneficial for the skin and relieves a multitude of symptoms, among others, it is used to treat arthritis and osteoarthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.It is also indicated to stop small hemorrhages, bites and insect bites…PRECAUTIONS· It should not be consumed for more than 2 days weeks in a row.· Its use is contraindicated in case of pregnancy or lactation.· It should be avoided if there is an allergy to the plant.· It is incompatible with drugs with anticoagulant action.————

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