Self Healing..

These sessions are prepared by experts and consist of audio or video content. They are based on ancient proven spiritual science and modern scientific technologies and new discoveries. To get the best benefit out of these sessions, we suggest to play them in a quiet room, with your phone connected to external speakers or headphones. We recommend to keep the eyes closed and put your phone on silent mode, so that you don’t get disturbed. These sessions will bring a long lasting positive changes in your life and will help you to reach your full potential. We highly recommend to play a minimum of one session every day, you can use “set reminders” or “remind to watch later” to remind yourself daily.

All the “Sessions” are marked in this color.
As the name suggest, this music helps you to relax and calm your mind. These audio songs have special frequencies, which activates certain parts of your brains and also helps to elevate your mood and relax your body. There is no need to concentrate on the music, just enjoy and go with the flow of music, all your tensions, worries will slowly melt away with the music. We recommend listening to the music minimum once a day with your eyes closed. Use “set reminders” or “remind to watch later” to remind yourself daily.

All the “Calming Musics” are marked in this color.
These consist of practical short tips, which you can learn, implement and practice anywhere, without needing a separate room. They also teach, how you can use the newly discovered science and ancient proven technologies in your day-to-day activities to improve your life. These are generally explained using audio, video or images with descriptions. You can read and practice them as many times as you want.

All the “Quick Tips” are marked in this color.
These consists of facts, new findings and scientific proofs of various topics related to this app. They explain how and why a particular spiritual or scientific process works and how other people have benefited from it. They keep you updated with latest science and spiritual information, which can bring positive changes in your life. They also provide links to external sources, if you want to read in details.

All the “Science Behind It” are marked in this color.

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