S. Name: Prunus dulcisFamily: RosaceaeGenus: PrunusDESCRIPTIONIt’s a smooth-stemmed and deciduous tree that usually reaches 3 to 5 meters high.The fruit is the almond and the vast majority of the varieties grown today are self-fertile.DISTRIBUTION & HABITATIt is originally from Central Asia, with Spain being the second largest producer worldwide.The crop is native to warm and almost desert areas of Central Asia.PROPERTIES· It is indicated to treat digestive disorders such as diarrhea, digestive bleeding, hemorrhages in the uterus, hemorrhoids…· The almond oil has useful medicinal properties to fight fierce states or colds. It also has slightly laxative properties.· It is proven that the tea of almond leaves helps to lose weight.· It contains essential amino acids for the growth of children.· It fights inflammations of the stomach, kidneys or bladder.· It prevents the development of nervous diseases or anemia.· Tea with Almond leaves helps to relax and calm the mood.· Is is used in the event of insomnia or nervousness.USESInternal use: To obtain its properties, it is usually consumed directly from the fruit or as almond milk.In addition, you may also choose to make an infusion with 5 leaves per cup.External use: Almond oil is especially indicated to moisturize the skin and to treat multiple conditions such as the formation of warts, burns, dermatitis…PRECAUTIONS· If you suffer from diabetes, consuming sweet almond milk is not recommended since it is high on sucrose.· Excessive consumption of almonds may cause an increase of digestive processes, or even small diarrhea.· Using during pregnancy or lactation is contraindicated.———–

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