Sri Pratyangira Devi Astottara Shatanamavali – 108 names of Goddess

Sri Pratyangira Devi Ashtottara Shatanamavali (श्री प्रत्यंगिरा देवी अश्तोत्तारा शतनामावली)


The aṣṭottara śatanāmāvali (108 names) of Śrī Pratyaṅgirā is a treatise in itself, containing the very essence of the Śrī Pratyaṅgirā sahasranāma. All the benefits that can be accrued through reciting the sahasranāma, may also accrue through the aṣṭottara śatanāmāvali, if we can also meditate upon the meanings of each nāma while reciting them.

Śrī Pratyaṅgirā is the fieriest and fearsome aspect of Śrī Kālikā. She is mainly invoked to get rid of enemies, both internal and external, who may be causing extensive damage to us and cannot be overcome by normal means and when all other efforts for reconciliation have failed. She is considered the One who reverses the bad effects of all black magic, no matter how powerful they may be. All the obstacles, problems (whether monetary, relationships, physical, mental) are within us in the forms of negative thoughts, negative thought patterns and ideas. These are called Karmas and they are either in our chakras, subtle bodies, nāḍis etc. When we say Śrī Pratyaṅgirā Devi get rids of enemies, she eliminates/dispels these negative thoughts that are within us causing these troubles and not the enemy.

Another reason for invoking Her, would be to get rid of chronic diseases. If all other efforts of medication have been exhausted, one can seek Her grace to help with the cure. Her grace could help the body to respond better to the medication and sometimes getting the proper physician to diagnose and cure the ailments.

She in Her aspect as Siddha Lakṣmī, helps in relieving all financial problems and also showers Her abundance.

Reciting the 108 names with full faith, will help in the early resolution of all issues, invoking the grace of Śrī Mātā, in Her most aggressive and formidable aspect as Śrī Pratyaṅgirā.

Atha dhyānam ( अथ ध्यानम् । )

āśāmbarā muktakacā ghanacchavirdhyeyā sa carmāsikarā vibhūṣaṇā ।
daṃṣṭrogravaktrā grasitāhitā tvayā pratyaṅgirā śaṅkara tejaseritā ॥

आशाम्बरा मुक्तकचा घनच्छविर्ध्येया स चर्मासिकरा विभूषणा ।
दंष्ट्रोग्रवक्त्रा ग्रसिताहिता त्वया प्रत्यङ्गिरा शङ्कर तेजसेरिता ॥

Meaning:- She is dark in color with dark garments resembling the dark space of the Universe. She has long tresses of hair that are untidy and twisted in shape. Her skin color has a dark cloudy hue. She bears a sword and shield in her hands, wearing snakes as her ornaments, bears a face with protruding big teeth. She possesses the spiritual energy of śivā and is Śakti Herself.

śyāmābhyāṃ vedahastāṃ trinayanalasitāṃ siṃhavaktrordhvakeśīṃ
śūlaṃ muṇḍaṃ ca sarpaṃ ḍamarūbhujayutāṃ kuntalātyugradaṃṣṭrām ।
rakteṣvālīḍhajihvāṃ jvaladanalaśikhāṃ gāyatrīsāvitriyuktāṃ
dhyāyetpratyaṅgirāṃ tāṃ maraṇaripuviṣavyādhidāridryanāśām ॥

श्यामाभ्यां वेदहस्तां त्रिनयनलसितां सिंहवक्त्रोर्ध्वकेशीं
शूलं मुण्डं च सर्पं डमरूभुजयुतां कुन्तलात्युग्रदंष्ट्ऱाम् ।
रक्तेष्वालीढजिह्वां ज्वलदनलशिखां गायत्रीसावित्रियुक्तां
ध्यायेत्प्रत्यङ्गिरां तां मरणरिपुविषव्याधिदारिद्र्यनाशाम् ॥

Meaning:- May the divine mother śrī mahā pratyāṅgirā devī, who has a dark grayish, smoky complexion, holding the vedas in one hand and a skull in another hand, and Herself illuminated with the knowledge all the vedas, bearing the resemblance of a lion with wide gaping mouth and powerful jaws, holding a trident, snakes coiled over Her arms and shoulders and up to Her head, holding a drum whose noise can align stars and galaxies, very large, sharp and diamond teeth, with a large fiery red tongue sticking out, breathing heavily and emitting fire and also representing the combined knowledge of the great divine mothers sāvitrī and gāyatrī, to whom we offer our humble obeisance, destroy all diseases, poverty and negativity in us!

iti śrīpratyaṅgirāṣṭottaraśatanāmāvaliḥ sampūrṇā ॥
इति श्रीप्रत्यङ्गिराष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा ॥

These are the 108 nāmās/names or attributes of Śrī Pratyaṅgirā devī.

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