Accept or not, Chandrayaan-2 has proved the existence of God again

Accept or not, Chandrayaan-2 has proved the existence of God again

Clapping all over the visitor’s gallery of ISRO in the wee hours of 7 September 2019 as the lander Vikram of Chandrayaan-2 mission was moving in its predetermined trajectory. During the 15 minutes terror everyone was anxious but at the same time confident that they will definitely be successful in making the soft landing of the lander on the moon surface. The hard braking phase of the lander was completed smoothly and the vehicle was in fine braking mode of reducing the velocity to 2m/sec when the communication to lander was lost at an altitude 2.1 km from the Lunar surface. ISRO scientists have been trying hard to trace out the lander and re-establish a communication link with it but that seems not to be an easy task.

All the calculations have been made, simulations have been done on a similar structure as that of South Pole of the Moon at Bangalore center of the ISRO, still, the mission failed!! This shows the kind of uncertainty involved in these complex missions and the presence of unknown energy or dark energy in relatively newer locations are beyond the human scope of imagination. As the large hadron collider(LHC) experiment has compared the dark matter and dark energy with God, one can scientifically also accept the role of God in the mysterious disappearance of the Lander Vikram. This is perhaps known to the scientific community of the ISRO where despite all possible efforts of precession and perfection, a prayer is offered before God during the starting of any major mission.

Many will argue that the whole sequence of events has nothing to do with God as science believes in facts and logic, not in faith. Let them be reminded that, the great scientists of the past do accept the existence of supernatural power beyond the human scope of understanding. Newton, the famous scientist had a belief that there is the presence of God everywhere and we as humans beings need to acknowledge that and try to explore the Gods creation through the use of science. Similarly, the secular Jew from the beginning and the great scientist Albert Einstein did not believe in a personal God or rituals but used to refer about the divinity and divine forces in many of his speeches and discussions. The great Indian scientist, one of the founding members of ISRO Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was also a strong believer of God and used to respect the divine forces too.

After the Renaissance in Europe, there was the growth of rational ideas leading to innovation and scientific evolutions. Many started to opine that science has arrived and it would replace God completely. This has happened to some extent for some years when people in Europe started moving away from religion, church, and God as well. The rationality, logic and big materialistic world created by science started hunting the proponents of it who are no other than the human beings themselves. On a positive note, rationality has no doubt reduced superstitions and disbeliefs in society but certainly, complete replacement of God is impossible as proved time and again.

There is further, a conflicting view that both God and science are antithetical to each other and can not coexist. However, science and God both are the Creator’s of the world. For instance, to build the Chandrayan-2 mission enormous planning, preparation and hard work have been done by creators whom we call as scientists. So, imagining the vastness, complexity, order of the universe and the specific arrangements made for various purposes, one can not negate the role of a creator of far higher efficiency than humans in the whole process making of this universe. One can call it Ishwar, Allah, God, Waheguru or one can call it dark matter or dark energy still beyond the scope of understanding of human beings. Both God and science are Creator’s and both work for the greater good of the society and hence they complement one another instead of competing.

Hence, in the prayers of the people and scientific fraternity in the tense hours of the landing of Vikram, there was the call to this complementary force called God to take care of everything that was beyond the scope of science. It is a different thing that the supernatural forces or the Godly forces were not in our favour and hence something of such unexpected type happened with the Lander during landing. As per Newton, our job is to understand these mysteries of God for the spread of our horizons further and the failure has taught us the same.

Human beings use the tool of science, logic to understand the complexities of Godly particle and energy that comes to play in every part of the universe and the failure of Chandrayaan-2 landing confirm their existence again. Hopefully, the scientist will learn from their mistakes and will work hard for the future missions of exploring the unexplored and God or the divine forces will definitely help as there is a popular saying that-‘ The God helps the brave’


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