*🌻🌹Parents are the Most Important People in Your Life*🌻🌹

*(Sri Radha Vijyate Namh)*

*(Sri Mat Raman Viharine Namh)*


*🌻🌹Parents are the Most Important People in Your Life*🌻🌹


Before you get married, your parents should be the most important people in your life. As children, we should obey our parents, grandparents, teachers and other people older to us. We should listen to them. We should serve them and help them. We should make them proud with our good behavior. The scriptures say:

The father, mother, teacher, elder brother and one’s provider- these five are considered as one’s superiors. He who desires prosperity should revere these superiors at all times by all means, even if he loses his life. The son should be devoted to them and make their care his first priority.

In the scripture entitled Taittiriya Upaniṣad, it is said that when the students are graduating from their college, their teacher gives them the following parting message:

“May you be one for whom his mother is a Deva. May you be one for whom his father is a Deva. May you be one for whom a guest is a Deva. May you be one for whom his teacher is a Deva.”

The idea is that we should respect, serve and worship our parents, guests as well as our teachers even before we worship Bhagavān. This is a very unique teaching of our tradition. The western religions always place God before parents. Note that in our tradition, the mother is listed first, because she is the most respectable of all, more than even the father.

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